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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of questions we are most frequently asked if you don't find your question answered on this page, please contact us.

Can I cancel/stop this payment method if I do not wish to use it anymore or if I cancel my window cleaning service with you? .

Yes, you have full control as you would with any Direct Debit payment set up.

I haven't had my windows cleaned this month, will payment still be taken automatically?

No, payment is only ever taken AFTER your windows have been cleaned.

I normally have the fronts & backs of my property cleaned, will I get charged the full amount if only the fronts are cleaned?

No, the Direct Debit payment system by GoCardless is a variable Direct Debit meaning we will only collect the amount due for that particular window clean.

I'm having building work done and won't need my windows cleaned for a few months, will I need to cancel the direct debit setup?

No, Payments are only ever taken AFTER your windows are cleaned, if you are not having your windows cleaned for any reason payment will never be taken until you re-start your cleaning schedule.

How will I know when payment is going to be taken?

Payment is generally collected 3-5 days after your windows have been cleaned. You will also receive an e-mail before payment being taken informing you of the date that the payment will be collected and the amount that is due.

Can I read about GoCardless for myself?

Of course, simply and you will directed to their website.

How does the purified water system actually work?

Unlike traditional window cleaning methods that use detergents in the water, at Impact Window Cleaning we use highly purified water that is processed on our premises. This water is then gently pumped onto the windows and frames through carbon fibre poles that have specially adapted nylon brushes on the end. The windows and frames are then scrubbed with the nylon brushes to remove all the dirt and then finally they are rinsed.

If purified water flows over a surface it will absorb all pollutants like dust, dirt, grease etc. and will leave a smear free finish. Unlike other cleaning methods purified water does not leave any residue on the glass after the water has dried.

Why do you use this type of system for window cleaning?

Window cleaning is inherently dangerous and there are up to 10 deaths per year, because of this, window cleaners have new regulations with regards to working at height, for these reasons, the window cleaning industry is addressing the issues of safe working practices, that is why the UK’s leading window cleaning companies including ourselves now use this system.

Will this system clean my windows better than traditional methods?

Yes! Pure water window cleaning is recognised to be better than traditional methods, and will not leave sticky soap residue on the glass or frames and will not attract fresh dirt. With the frames now being cleaned, no dirt will run on to the glass when we get a downpour of rain, giving a better cleaning result than traditional methods. To coin a phrase we are window cleaners not glass cleaners.

Why is water left on my windows?

When you are having your windows cleaned with our system we use laboratory grade pure water, so when the windows and frames have been scrubbed, washed and then finally rinsed, no dirt is left and the water dries to a natural streak free finish.